Program overview

Brace yourself for an electrifying three-day journey unlike anything you've experienced before. Get ready to be dazzled, inspired and transformed with thought-provoking talks, interactive workshops and unforgettable moments. Find out what's in store for each day at TEDNext, with the full schedule to come.

TED2022: A New Era


Join the welcome gathering to get to know the community, followed by lunch. Get hands on and jump into Discovery Sessions — expert-led workshop or learning experiences — to dive deep into a topic of interest. The first session of talks in the theater will give you plenty to discuss during a social evening filled with vibrant conversations.



Experience more talks and immersive content across the stage. Engage in dedicated networking sessions to foster meaningful relationships and in between explore interactive exhibits and the myriad of unique spaces that the Pullman Yards has to offer. Later in the evening, round off your day and meet with friends while making connections over dinner.



Return to the theater for an epic final session of talks, summing up all you’ve heard and experienced throughout the conference. Come together once more with the community for a farewell lunch to say your goodbyes while celebrating the connections made and experiences shared throughout the conference.

Our program lens

Explore how we'll discover and interlace new ideas both on and off the stage in the TEDNext program.

  • Inspiring leaders + igniting careers

    With new learnings and ways of thinking from trailblazers who’ve made a mark on the world. Gain insights from their success and propel your career forward.

  • Self-discovery + fulfillment

    TEDNext is about professional and personal growth. Our workshops and sessions are meticulously crafted to amplify self-awareness, nurture your innate talents and bring dreams to life. Dive into invaluable insights on navigating uncertainty, building unshakeable resilience and fostering a mindset fueled by active hope. Go deeper with the precious time and space to pause, reflect and redefine your path and purpose.

  • Action-oriented leadership

    We believe in the power of action. Immerse yourself in dynamic discussions and hands-on workshops that arm you with the essential tools to build a proactive mindset for catalyzing positive transformations in your community and beyond. You’ll leave with powerful connections and exciting collaborations to supercharge your impact.

  • The spark of imagination

    Imagination is the birthplace of innovation. At TEDNext, we'll stoke the fires of creativity, encouraging you to dream big, think differently and play with new ideas. You’ll get new perspectives and explore the limitless possibilities of a brighter future.