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About TED Conferences

TED Conferences bring together a group of industry leaders and impactful people for unique, multi-day experiences dedicated to TED’s global mission of sharing meaningful new ideas.

Attendees have described TED as...

"A journey into the future in the company of those creating it.”
A woman delivers a TED Talk.

What is a TED Conference?

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are collectively shaping our world. But a TED conference is broader still, showcasing important research and ideas from all disciplines and exploring how they connect. The goal is to expand the imagination, make unexpected connections, inspire conversation and set the ball in motion for meaningful learning and change.

At a TED Conference you’ll…

Two women chat at TED Conference: New Era

Become part of a community

Speakers take the TED stage to share TED Talks in their areas of research and expertise about innovations that matter. But TED isn't a typical conference, and speakers aren’t the only ones with great ideas to share. The community of attendees — scientists, CEOs, designers, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, artists — from all around the world are as extraordinary as the speakers.

A group of TED fellows pose together.

Embark on a new experience

The format is fast-paced and typically includes: daily sessions of talks from TED speakers, interviews, debates, workshops, excursions, interactive exhibits, evening events, parties and so much more.

Duckwrth performs at SESSION 4 at TED2022.

Find the magic

The program is designed for attendees and speakers from vastly different fields to connect and draw inspiration from unlikely places.

Join us

Many of our events are made up of a curated audience and include an application process. We read every application and actively seek out new members.

Three women laugh together during a TED Conference break.
A TED speaker delivers a multimedia keynote.
A TED attendee listens intently to a TED Talk.
Two women lead a TED Breakout session.

Thank you for supporting TED’s mission

TED is a non-profit and we rely on support from our community to further our goal of making great ideas accessible and helping create a future worth pursuing for all.

When you apply for a TED membership, you’re not just purchasing a conference experience – you’re directly supporting TED’s mission to share powerful ideas with the world.

how your membership supports TED

The impact of a conference membership contribution extends well beyond the conference and helps fund the following initiatives:

A large TEDx sign in a speaking venue.

TEDx Community

Cultivating ideas in local communities

Each year, thousands of TEDx events create ripples of change around the world. Your conference membership supports ongoing training and seminars for hosts and outreach to new communities that help cultivate ideas worth spreading.

A woman delivers a TED Talk about the brain and exercise.


Celebrating the ideas of educators and students

This award-winning series of animated educational videos and teacher-training programs helps teach critical-thinking skills in classrooms everywhere for free.

Nemonte Nenquimo delivers a TED Talk from her home in Ecuador.

TED Translators

Communicating ideas across languages and borders

TED videos are translated and subtitled in more than 100 languages, thanks to our generous volunteer translators. With your support, we're reaching out to more language communities, improving our software tools and making talks accessible to more people.

TED fellows gather in Edinburgh, Scotland for the Countdown Summit.

TED Fellows

Supporting next-generation innovators

Our incredible community of young world-changers leverages connections and resources at TED to pursue careers in tech, the arts, social justice and more. This program has become a recognized leader in developing talented young leaders.

A woman delivers a TED Talk from the theater in Vancouver.

TED Talks

Helping keep TED Talks free online

We release one new TED Talk per day to a global audience, connecting people with the next idea that might change their life.

A woman waves a hand fan happily.

The Audacious Project

Supporting bold ideas for global change

We support changemakers to dream bigger. Every year we select, nurture, and launch a group of big, bold solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges.


Before you apply for conference membership, please familiarize yourself with the registration policies. The specific rules may depend upon the level of membership for an event.

Code of conduct

All attendees of TED Conferences agree to our Code of Conduct before joining us on site. This helps to create a safe and inclusive environment for all attendees.

A man delivers a TED Talk.

Past Conferences

TED began as a small conference in Monterey, California. That single conference has grown into various multi-day annual events, all dedicated to TED’s global mission of researching and sharing meaningful new ideas.

Most conferences are broad in scope, such as our annual TED Conference held in Vancouver, Canada. Occasionally we hold deep-dive conferences more focused on one subject area, such as the Countdown Summit held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Have a question? Get in touch at conferences@ted.com