A vibrant three-day exploration of what’s next, propelling Future You to drive change at every level, from personal to global.

Ready to explore
your  path and purpose?

TEDNext is a three-day, all-encompassing conference focused on you. It’s an experience of extraordinary ideas to fuel your growth, happiness and well-being in both life and work.

  • Fuel your career

    with insights and inspiration from trailblazers as you make your mark on the world.

  • Shape your future

    by connecting and reflecting with a community of thoughtfully ambitious doers.

  • Practice leadership excellence

    with hands-on workshops to hone your skills and inspire change in your community.

  • Spark your imagination

    by feeding your curiosity and opening yourself to new possibilities.

Find what you're looking for:

  • Professional and personal growth

  • Insights from visionaries offering fresh perspective

  • A supportive community of emerging innovators and dreamers

  • Ways to unlock new possibilities for your future

What makes TEDNext unique?

It's a pathway to unlocking your potential in driving positive change. While our other flagship events, like TED2025, explore the collective future of society through trends, challenges and opportunities, TEDNext invites you to consider your unique role within this narrative.

You’ll examine your aspirations and passions and see how they intersect with the broader societal trajectory of progress and innovation. TEDNext empowers you to become an active participant in shaping our shared future.

Who will be at

TEDNext will unite a community of passionate individuals invested in growth, bound by their commitment to a better world. 

Celebrate with emerging innovators, international changemakers and influential voices in critical fields.

Join champions of global progress to cultivate leadership excellence in an equitable future for all.

  • 1500+

  • 45+

  • 80+

  • 30+
    industry sectors

you’ll meet ...

Leaders & emerging talent from all sectors
Social justice & community trailblazers
STEM entrepreneurs, builders & inventive gamers
Artists, designers, filmmakers & architects
 Climate advocates, scientists & researchers
Health & wellness champions
Visionary investors, philanthropists & youth allies

Let Future You take center stage

Imagine yourself at a conference like no other, where what's next for you springs to life with inspiring talks, immersive workshops, excursions, dinners, parties, art exhibits and special performances.

Here, you’ll explore and unleash your future self, connecting, dreaming and aspiring alongside innovative leaders and creative thinkers.

Your conference experience

3-day program

Be the first to hear TED Talks from 45+ speakers across two stages. Learn from interviews and experience soul-stirring musical performances.

Learning journeys

Chart your course with actionable learning offerings and activities. Deepen your knowledge on a specific theme or skill set across three days, or build your own custom journey.

Person with whale in background at TED
Discovery Sessions

Not all great ideas are shared from the stage; some require closer exploration and broader participation. Ideas come to life in these expert-led learning experiences, in-the-field workshops, activities and excursions — all curated with an unparalleled understanding of what makes these sessions sing (yes, sometimes literally). 

Dinners and parties

Witness how vibrant dinner conversations pave the way for lifelong connections, culminating in glorious celebrations and ridiculously fun dance floor moments with friends.

Powerful connections

Meet dynamic thinkers, dreamers, creators and visionaries to share your own ideas and aspirations. This kind and generous community offers you support, guidance and wisdom as you write your next chapter.

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Access to TEDConnect

This award-winning networking app will be your conference companion. See your personalized schedule, view the attendee and speaker list, plus use it year-round to send messages and stay connected.

Learn how you can join us

If you’d like to attend TEDNext, you’ll need to apply first. Due to limited seating and high demand, this conference is expected to sell out very quickly.


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Need more details?

We want you to have all the information you need to attend TEDNext. Join our last Summer Friday webinar series on July 26 to get insider details on what to expect, exclusive announcements and ways you can get involved.

Atlanta, GA

TED will return to Atlanta, GA, to host the first TEDNext on October 22-24, 2024 in one of the United States’ most diverse and vibrant cities. Known as a cultural, historical and political powerhouse, Atlanta's dynamic energy, warm hospitality and unique identity will make your experience truly unforgettable. Our venue? The historic Pullman Yards, known for its storied past and vibrant present.

Once a hub for luxury rail travel, this iconic venue has been transformed into a dynamic entertainment destination, featuring rotating exhibits, eclectic dining experiences and Emory's Science Gallery. Plus, it's been featured as the cinematic backdrops in many films. Pullman Yards was also the site where the Brotherhood of the Sleeper Car Porters operated — the first organized African American labor union.

The expansion of  TEDWomen

This event will be the first of its kind, marking a thrilling expansion of the TEDWomen mission. TEDNext is our pledge to an even more extensive horizon of hope and opportunity.

TEDWomen launched in 2010 to amplify the dynamic work and ideas of women worldwide. Since then, we've produced more than 500 TEDWomen Talks with over 500 million views and bridged the gender gap across TED’s stages and platforms.

We’re at the next chapter in our quest for change.

TEDNext is an expansion of the TEDWomen mission. It broadens the program’s gender lens, embracing new ideas and fresh voices from all communities to engage and inspire the next generation of changemakers.                                   

We'll feature dedicated TEDWomen programing and unite a community that's reaching new realms of possibility.

This is our pledge to a horizon that knows no bounds. The expansion is a multiplication of perspectives that welcomes everyone working towards a brighter, more just world.

Anchored by the unwavering foundation of the TEDWomen community, TEDx organizers will continue to host annual TEDxWomen events, adding to the impressive count of more than 2000 events in more than 135 countries around the world.

What it's like to attend TED