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Family Values in Action: The Power of Multiple Generations at TED

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Family Values in Action: The Power of Multiple Generations at TED

The Power of Generational Philanthropy at TED

Since he could remember, 19-year-old Nico Giuliani had been a fan of TED Talks. For years, he watched
them online, never realizing they were part of something much bigger. That changed in 2023 when his
aunt Carmen Busquets, who has been a TED Patron since 2014, brought Nico as her guest to TED in

She was the co-founder and largest individual private shareholder of Net-a-Porter, and her other notable investments have included Cult Beauty, where she was also appointed Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Farfetch, Lyst and The Business of Fashion.

Like so many of our TED Patrons, Carmen fell in love with the impact of the TED experience from the start. She returned every year to immerse herself in the singular experience that is TED and to reconnect with fellow attendees who have become her lifelong friends. While this wasn’t the first time Carmen brought guests, she was determined to introduce Nico to TED and its various impact-oriented communities and initiatives. The insights Carmen gained and the people she has met throughout the
years by attending TED have served to feed her desire to constantly learn and grow as a human being.

“She knew it would open my eyes and said it would make me think about things in a way I hadn’t before,” says Nico. “She also said it would create opportunities for my future.”

As a university student who had just launched an events company with friends, that idea was definitely appealing. Nico agreed to join her.

Creating Connections

Immediately after registration, Nico understood what his aunt meant. Perusing the list of attendees and
speakers in TEDConnect, Nico had to pinch himself a few times.

“The CEOs of two platforms I use regularly (TikTok and OpenAI) were going to be there,” he said.

On the first day of the conference, Nico was ready. He insisted that they arrive early so he could take it
all in. Throughout the conference, Nico and Carmen shared their reactions to speaker sessions and
workshops – in some cases, they didn’t agree but gained a deeper understanding of each other. In fact,
Nico said the experience made him feel a new closeness to his aunt. While his family naturally engaged
in “deep conversations,” he learned more about her perspectives on the issues that matter to both of

We’re proud of TED Patrons like Carmen who leverage their expertise to connect with young people
and help non-profit organizations engaged in the conservation of the earth’s natural resources, in
sustainable economic development, and in providing education and human rights for all. Carmen also
serves on the Board of Glasswing International, Nest, Parsons School of Design and is a National
Council member of WWF-US.

Shifting Perspectives

When he was listening to the talks, Nico began to connect the concepts being presented with his life.
One speaker, in particular, got Nico’s attention and sparked a new way of looking at his goals.

Emmanuel Acho, author, TV sports analyst, and former NFL player delivered a talk entitled, “Why you should stop setting goals (yes, really).” The idea was somewhat revolutionary for Nico, who was sitting in the front row and clearly hanging on every word. Acho told Nico as much when they met at a meet
and greet after his talk.

“He said he loved my energy and kept looking back at me during his talk,” Nico recalled with a big smile.
“I won’t forget that conversation.”

Emmanuel Acho speaks at TED2023

A New Family Tradition

Nico and Carmen are part of a growing trend where families make TED a yearly ritual.

The TED experience captivates families with its unique blend of inspiration, innovation and
groundbreaking ideas which foster a sense of global awareness and responsibility that’s particularly
important for young adults.

The program, excursions and dinners resonate with all ages and all allow each family member the
flexibility to personalize their own TED experience.

TED serves as a unique retreat where families engage in collective learning and spark intellectual
curiosity. This shared experience not only forges unforgettable memories but also nurtures a deep-
rooted commitment to addressing global challenges and builds a family legacy of philanthropy.

"TED2023 was the most special one because I was accompanied by my nephew Nico. It gave us theopportunity to spend some excellent quality time together and to debate subjects we had not previouslydiscussed. I hope that, once they are available online, many of his peers will take the opportunity tolisten to the TED Talks we had the privilege of attending live, they offer a lot of encouragement andinsight for the possibilities ahead of them. If I was to offer some advice to Nico’s generation, I would tellthem not to be afraid of the unknown and to always look on the bright side of life. Failure is part of thejourney so be yourself, be unique, be bold and be free!”

– Carmen Busquets

Adding New Voices

Nico’s only disappointment with TED was the number of young people in the audience.

“We are the future,” he points out. ”If the TED experience is about creating a better future, then there
should be more people my age in the conversation because it’s our future they’re talking about.”

Of course, Nico understands that most people his age may not have the resources to attend a flagship
TED conference. But their families might, and he feels strongly that more TED attendees should bring
young adults into the fold.

Nico is planning to attend TED again and looks forward to seeing a range of generations who can share
the experience and gain a new perspective in the same way he and his aunt did.

Help Us Bring More Generations to TED

We agree with Nico that bringing more generational voices to TED will deepen the experience. Not only
does it create the opportunity to manifest ideas into the future, but it can also bridge gaps in
understanding between generations and transform relationships.

We’re encouraging more TED Patrons and Donors to share their experience with the young adults in
their lives so together they can relish in the joys of multigenerational philanthropy and impact.

Let’s work together to bring the next generation of voices to TED.

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