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Live from TED2024: Day 2

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Live from TED2024: Day 2

Day 2 of TED2024 was packed with talks and action. We interviewed more attendees who shared their insights and learnings from their time at TED.

The day at a glance…

Session 2 in the theater started the day strong with the “Mind Expanders” who discussed the future of AI and technology, which included a demo of GitHub Copilot and a medical micro-robot’s real-time journey through the human stomach. The “System Changers” in Session 3 expanded the discussion to include vertical farming, employee ownership and global development. 

Discovery Sessions ranged from blacksmithing to urban rappelling to transforming civic culture for good. Session 4 featured the “Illuminators” who shined a light on solar surprises, methane, aerosols, and human transformation in a digital world.

The day ended with our signature Dine Around Dinners – where attendees unpacked their learnings. 

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Discovery and growth are transformative forces that have helped the TED2024 audience gain new perspectives.

Here are 4 tips they want to share with you, to help you fuel your own learning journey — no matter where you are:

1. Allow time for chance with an open stance

“We're boxed into believing that the world is a dangerous place, so it takes bravery to push yourself,” says serial entrepreneur Ramana Rao.

“You have to allow time for chance and take an open stance. Put yourself in environments where people are traveling somewhere new, reading what they’ve never read, learning what they didn’t already know.”

That’s what keeps him coming back to TED again and again — 24 times to be exact!

Ramana Rao

2. Make vulnerability a daily practice

“To be curious, you have to jump out of a safe place,” says TED speaker and mental health advocate Gus Worland. “ You have good days, bad days and other points throughout a single day – but you need to be willing to be vulnerable.” 

For most of his life, Gus says he lived in a safe bubble, and he never questioned the world he grew up in. Then, at 48, he found himself having conversations with more and more people outside of that bubble, and he made an important discovery: he wasn’t being curious enough. 

Being vulnerable has helped Gus break out of that safe bubble. It’s also made him more emotional, giving him some of the best (as well as some of the saddest) times of his life — which is something he also reflects on his incredibly powerful talk.

Gus Worland, TED2023

3. Find ways to cultivate resilience

“When we're in our comfort zones, we're not growing” says Nidhi Tewari “but, when we're able to push ourselves on an emotional, mental, spiritual, physical level, to expand beyond what's within our comfort zone – that's really where we cultivate resilience.” 

Nidhi’s biggest moment of growth happened when she led a TED Discovery Session. She saw how much this community values resilience – a topic that's near and dear to her heart. She also highlighted that resilience can have many forms, and TED provides a space for all of them.

“Something I really enjoy about TED is that you also have opportunities to duck away into a reflection room or peaceful space if you want to be able to foster deeper emotional resilience,” she said. “And if you're in a place where you want to be able to improve your social resilience, standing in line striking up a conversation or chatting with someone in a discovery session is a great way to do that and achieve that goal.”

Nidhi Tewari

4. Know yourself — but lead with curiosity

“One of the most important things that TED reinforces is to know your own mind,” says civic evangelist TED2019 speaker Eric Liu. “Instead of assuming you know something or resting on long-held beliefs, be willing to have a curiosity about the world around you — about politics, religion, science, work and every aspect of life.”

The TED community kindles the type of curiosity that asks: How did I come to believe this? and Why do I see the world this way?

We love to bring together people from around the world looking to learn and grow — at TED and beyond, from our in-person gatherings to our growing online community.

Eric Liu

Engaging sessions and big conversations abound, Day 2 at TED2024 created a space for discovery, growth and resilience. 

Stay tuned for more thought-provoking talks and engaging discussions. Until then, keep the conversation going and stay tuned for more updates from TED2024.

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