TED Conferences bring together a group of industry leaders and impactful people for unique, multi-day experiences dedicated to TED’s global mission of sharing meaningful new ideas.

A photo of the Detroit skyline with "Summit Detroit" written behind the buildings.

TED Countdown Summit 2023

July 11-14 | Detroit, MI

This invite-only gathering will bring together a group of global business executives, innovators, scientists, policymakers, next generation leaders, artists, activists and more who are determined to create a better future.

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TED Tech

Together with Culture3

September 18-19| London, UK

Step into the future of technology, creativity and culture at TED Tech, a two-day event where technologists, artists and futurists are immersed in how blockchain, AI and extended reality are changing everything.

The Brave and the Brilliant


April 15-19, 2024 | Vancouver, BC

Join us in Vancouver at TED2024, the 40th anniversary of our founding, to celebrate creativity, ingenuity, courage, wisdom, and generosity.



October 2024 | Atlanta, GA

A vibrant three-day exploration of what’s next, propelling the future you to drive change at every level, from personal to global. Applications to attend will open soon!

Looking for

See a list of past events to find out more about the historic list of TED conferences.

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A TED speaker delivers a multimedia keynote.
A TED attendee listens intently to a TED Talk.
Two women lead a TED Breakout session.

Thank you for supporting TED’s mission

TED is a non-profit and we rely on support from our community to further our goal of making great ideas accessible and helping create a future worth pursuing for all.

When you apply for a TED membership, you’re not just purchasing a conference experience – you’re directly supporting TED’s mission to share powerful ideas with the world.

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Past Conferences

TED began as a small conference in Monterey, California. That single conference has grown into various multi-day annual events, all dedicated to TED’s global mission of researching and sharing meaningful new ideas.

Most conferences are broad in scope, such as our annual TED Conference held in Vancouver, Canada. Occasionally we hold deep-dive conferences more focused on one subject area, such as the Countdown Summit held in Edinburgh, Scotland.