An online festival offering interviews with leading women on change, work, rights, the future and joy.

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A new TEDWomen experience

TEDWomen Presents is a five-day online festival offering interviews with leading women on change, work, rights, the future and joy. Hear from actor and activist Jane Fonda, astronomer Heidi Hammel, singer-songwriter and activist Angélique Kidjo, and other icons who are shaping our world.

This global gathering will elevate the ideas of women connecting across generations, inspire with personal stories, ignite conversations and uplift our spirits with the connections that are always the hallmark of the TEDWomen experience. Expect a mix of live and on-demand programming, interactive workshops, specially curated film screenings and other surprises.

Choose your Journey

Here's what you can expect from TEDWomen Presents, with two different ways to experience the event: the view-only Gallery pass and the interactive Connector pass.


View-only pass

Purchase a Gallery view-only pass to watch talks, live interviews and on-demand content at your leisure. If you’d like to watch at your own speed without any interactive component, this option is for you. This pass includes:

An over-the-shoulder shot of a man interviewing a woman on a stage.

A full week of TED Talks, interviews and more

Daily talks from iconic speakers, exclusive movie premieres, playlists and on-demand content.

A woman gives a TED Talk from her home.

Conference video archive

Watch and rewatch your favorite talks at your leisure with access to the conference archive.


Gallery + interactive experience

What really sets TED apart is the community. Apply for the full Connector pass to experience all that TEDWomen has to offer, and join us for an interactive experience to make new connections, build community and find new friends. This pass includes all the elements of the Gallery pass plus the following:

Jane Fonda answers questions during a Zoom session.

Live daily content

In addition to specially curated playlists and on-demand content, join a live interactive Q&A and ask your questions during the daily talks from iconic speakers.

An artist gives a TED Talk with live drawing sessions.

Discovery Sessions

Explore new interests and connect with your fellow TEDsters during deep-dive workshops.

Creative connections

From the community chat to rapid-fire, 1:1 conversations, there will be many ways to connect and build relationships.

A woman looks at her phone, which shows the TEDConnect app.

TEDConnect app

Our award-winning app for keeping in touch with other TEDsters and staying connected throughout the year.

Browse speakers

See the details on who you'll hear from during the week at TEDWomen Presents.

A week of ideas and connections

The week will unfold as follows, with each day centered on a unique theme.

Hear from and be inspired by major icons during interviews with a diverse range of speakers who are making world-changing impact; check out the on-demand content; join workshops (known as Discovery Sessions) to learn about something new or dive deep into a topic you already love; take part in the live Q&A; and join the community chat (based on pass type — see pass details below for more details).

Brene Brown presents a TED talk from her home during a video conference call.


The first day of TEDWomen Presents is all about leading women on change, with a focus on overcoming barriers and accomplishing goals on our own terms.

Madison McFerrin sings into a mic.


All about leading women on work, taking a deep dive into capitalizing on the new ways we work now.

A woman participates in an online video conference. We can see the conference feeds on her laptop and on her TV.


Mid-week will look at leading women on rights, explicitly digging into ideas driving the quest for equality around the world.

Xiye Bastida presents during an online conference.


The penultimate day of TEDWomen is all about leading women on joy, with a focus on cultivating joy in business and in life.

A man gives a TED talk during an online conference.


The final day is all about leading women on the future, with an in-depth look at how to step up and shape the future.

Browse sessions

Learn more about the astonishing group of speakers who will share at TEDWomen Presents.

options & benefits

There are two options: purchase a view-only Gallery pass, or apply for an interactive Connector pass. See membership details below.

The TEDWomen community actively seeks new members who are leaders in their field and who can make a strong contribution. Those joining with a Connector pass will need to complete a short application to grow this community thoughtfully. If you do apply, we review each application in detail and look forward to reading yours.

Questions? Send us a note to

Included with a Gallery Pass

  • Daily talks from iconic speakers
  • Exclusive on-demand content
  • Conference video archive
Registration Policies

Included with a Connector Pass

  • Daily talks from iconic speakers
  • Exclusive on-demand content
  • Conference video archive
  • Live interactive Q&A
  • Deep-dive workshops
  • Community chat
  • Tax deductible*
Registration Policies

Tax deductibility

TED is owned by the TED Foundation, a private 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation registered in the state of New York, US. A portion of the Connector pass fee may be tax-deductible ($200 for early supporter fee, or $275 for regular fee); fair market value is US $175.

Please consult your tax professional. We issue tax receipts at the end of each calendar year.

Apply Now
Apply Now
how does applying work?

How the application
process works


The apply button will prompt you to log into your existing account or create a new account (this part is free).


Once you’ve verified your account (for new accounts only), you’ll answer several questions that help us understand a bit more about you. This includes optional demographic questions that help us grow the community thoughtfully. You’re welcome to complete the application in multiple sittings — your partially completed application will be saved to your account.


You’ll need to provide payment information but you won’t be charged until your application is reviewed and approved — you’ll then be given a chance to withdraw your application or change your payment method before payment is processed.

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A woman delivers a TED talk.

What’s it like to attend?

“This was the best investment that I have made in my career. It made my heart sing to see so many inspiring people moving in the same direction and wanting to collaborate with one another.”

“I was able to engage more deeply with other attendees. While I love the in-person events, something about the virtual nature made it possible to engage more and for longer. Especially in the breakout sessions.”

“I learned. I connected. I was inspired. That's TED.”

“TED’s virtual event definitely exceeded my expectations. In putting this together, you've discovered something new and powerful that, I think, has a place all its own.”