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At TEDWomen 2015: Momentum, we're exploring the bold ideas that will create movement in how we think, live and work. Look here all week for coverage of the latest talks.

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News from TEDWomen 2015

5 stellar mini-docs that will make you rethink time

Five mini-documentary films captivated the TEDWomen 2016 audience — directed, written and produced by female filmmakers whose work embodies today’s best ...

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It’s time to lead: The talks of Session 6 of TEDWomen 2016

When Hillary Clinton became the first female nominee of a major political party in the United States this summer, she ...

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Know your power, be sure of your convictions, and act upon them: Nancy Pelosi speaks at TEDWomen 2016

Nancy Pelosi has represented San Francisco’s 12th district for 29 years, is currently the Democratic leader of the House of ...

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Conservation through poetry: Ian McCallum speaks at TEDWomen 2016

In December 1968, the crew of the Apollo 8 space mission captured a historic photo: “Earthrise,” an image of our home planet  ...

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What is TEDWomen 2015?

TEDWomen brings together a global community of women and men interested in exploring how change begins: with innovative thinkers who catalyze ideas toward action. At TEDWomen 2015 — held May 27-29 in Monterey, CA — more than 40 speakers will offer up fresh insights and perspectives in six sessions of TED Talks.

Nearly 240 TEDx events in 68 countries will take part, sharing the TEDWomen 2015 livestream while also presenting local speakers tackling the theme of "Momentum." The result: A truly global conversation — from San Francisco to São Paulo to Seoul — celebrating movers and makers; designers and do-ers; local problem-solvers and global leaders.

"We have this tendency to put visible feminists on a pedestal. When they disappoint us, we gleefully knock them from the pedestal we put them on." — Roxane Gay

"We need to redefine leadership as an activitythat lets everyone do their most courageous thinking together." — Margaret Heffernan

"You can have a law, but it’s about changing the hearts and minds to keep up with it.” — Billie Jean King

“My hope is that you will get rid of the labels that hold you back and embrace the ones that empower you,” Maria Bello

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