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Program overview

Invented Here

TEDWomen 2013 will celebrate invention in all its forms. Not just technology inventions, but also new solutions to poverty; new approaches to leadership; new expressions of art and music; and, at times, the invention of our own lives. Some of the questions we're asking:  How does geography impact innovation? How would new technologies shape our lives? Can inventions help us lead longer, better lives? How can meaningful change be imagined, fostered, and scaled? 

More than 150 TEDx events around the world will take part, sharing the livestream on Thursday and presenting local speakers around the theme "Invented Here." The result: A truly global conversation -- from San Francisco to São Paulo to Seoul -- celebrating inventors and designers; thinkers and makers; local problem-solvers and global leaders. 

Why attend? Because over the past three years, TEDWomen has launched some powerful ideas into the world. In 2010, Sheryl Sandberg gave the talk that led to her groundbreaking book Lean In. In 2011, Jane Fonda gave a mind-shifting talk on the unexpected "third act" in women's lives now. In 2012, Angela Patton told the unforgettable tale of a father-daughter dance … held in prison. 

(On Wednesday evening, catch up with six favorite past TEDWomen and TEDxWomen speakers at a special Women@Paley Evening at TEDWomen.)

This year's program will deliver similarly groundbreaking ideas. Women are so often the creative powerhouses driving progress, and the active force crystalizing change in communities worldwide. From small, local solutions to global movements, the power of women's invention is visible in every region, in every field. 

Save these dates: December 4-6, 2013: 

Wednesday, December 4: Opening evening event  
Thursday, December 5: TEDWomen sessions
Friday, December 6: (Opt-in) Bay Area excursions

TEDWomen 2013 features
  • An immersive program of speakers and performers, starting Wednesday night
  • A community of thoughtful women and men interested in innovation
  • Plenty of opportunities to connect over meals and caffeine-fueled breaks
  • A global presence through more than 150 related TEDx events
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