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"Make no small plans. They have no power to stir men's blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans." Daniel Burnham

Our conference theme? Dream! 

Because dreams matter more than ever. Humanity has more capability, connection and possibility than ever in history. And yet too often we waste these powers.  We get bogged down in the mundane. Confused by the complexity. Or exhausted by the naysayers.

It’s time to resurrect the spirit of John Kennedy’s great moonshot challenge of the 1960s. This will be a conference dedicated to great feats of imagineering, invention, innovation … and the courageous dreamers who can bring us with them on their journey. It will be a week to stare hard at humanity’s toughest challenges, and to listen carefully to those who can show us a way forward. A week to celebrate the proven creative brilliance of our generation’s best artists, designers and story-tellers.  A week to stir the blood. 

You are invited to be part of this week and to help make some of these dreams come true. 
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The TED2016 experience will include:

  • A fast-paced, highly curated five-day stage program featuring TED's famous 18-minute talks, plus music, comedy, tech demos, short talks, video interludes and other surprises
  • Evening events at Vancouver's most intriguing spots
  • Art exhibits, tech demos, and other experiences
  • Intense conversation breaks, where attendees and speakers delve into the ideas introduced on stage
  • Simulcast spaces where you can watch, tweet and blog in an informal setting
  • Our TEDConnect app for meeting other attendees, before, during and after the conference