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News from TED2015
One year, 81,000 stories: StoryCorps celebrates the anniversary of its app

Teenagers. They’re not exactly known for their listening skills. But over Thanksgiving weekend of 2015, high school students across the...

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Dear TEDsters … a note on the first anniversary of my talk

One year ago today, at TED2015, Monica Lewinsky gave a powerful talk about bullying, shaming and becoming a more empathetic...

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A TED speaker coach shares 11 tips for right before you go on stage

The weekend before a TED conference, each speaker rehearses their talk in the TED theater. It’s a chance for...

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How Roman Mars fought the instinct to give the big, grand, sweeping TED Talk — and gave the talk he wanted

Roman Mars had two ideas for his TED Talk: the talk he thought he should give and the talk he...

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A picture that rendered me speechless, snapped at TED2015

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture was worth all the words I had — it rendered...

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Ideas from TED2015
How to create more medical breakthroughs? Get everyone on board

Here's how to encourage new medical innovation, says visionary genetic researcher Geoffrey Siwo: Join forces with the people who need...

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How do artists make a living? An ongoing, almost impossible quest

Only ten percent of art-school graduates make a living from their artwork. Why should this be such a pipe dream?<...

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Curiouser and curiouser: A cup of tea with Oliver Sacks

A memorable conversation with Oliver Sacks reveals what might have been his greatest attribute: undying curiosity. View article »

How to protect the civil rights of sexual assault survivors

Living through a sexual assault is bad enough -- what makes things worse is a broken legal system that routinely...

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Racial violence, cast in bronze, etched in glass

The work of artist Sanford Biggers walks a fine line between poetic and provocative, brilliantly sparking discussions about race, violence...

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"Being a scientist is like being an explorer. You have this immense curiosity, will and resolute steadfastness."
- Sara Seager
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