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Program overview

The Next Chapter

2014 is TED’s 30th anniversary, and to mark the occasion we’re planning something very special indeed ...

4 exciting changes

First and foremost, there's our spectacular new location: Vancouver, Canada, one of the world's great cities, combining a thriving culture of innovation, with glorious nature. There's a new convention center there in the harbor that takes our breath away. It's across the street from three terrific hotels, with more options within a short walk, and offers majestic 360-degree views of water and mountains.

Second, we've reduced the audience size. From an oversold 1,400 in Long Beach, we're down to 1,200 attendees. Every successful gathering has to find a balance between scale and intimacy, and we think this is the year to nudge back a little smaller, so that in-depth human connection will be easier. (And meanwhile, we're finding ever more opportunities to share the virtual TED experience.)

Third, we've invited back to TED2014 some of the most intriguing speakers of all time. Not just for the main stage, but for five special All-Stars sessions where they will update and expand their ideas ... and of course to join the audience and contribute to breakout groups, lunches and dinners. TED2014 will feel like a glorious reunion, and a wonderful opportunity to connect one on one with the people who've done so much to shape how we see the world.

Finally, we've pulled in the design talents of some longtime TEDsters to create a new kind of theater space. The Vancouver convention center includes a beautiful open area where wi're installing a custom-designed-for-talk-theater we have long dreamed of -- one whose sole goal is connect speaker with audience as powerfully as possible. Nothing quite like it currently exists.

The TED2014 experience includes:
  • Starting Monday at 6pm, the TED mainstage program  of 18-minute talks, plus music, comedy, dance, short talks, video and other surprises
  • Starting Monday at 10:30am, two session of TED Fellows Talks, a mind-bending tour of what's coming next
  • All-Stars, five sessions of past TED favorites with updates and new news.
  • Inside TED, a Monday session about everything TED's doing to spread ideas in the world 
  • Evening events, art exhibits, tech demos and other immersive experiences
  • Caffeine-fueled conversation breaks between sessions
  • Spaces to watch TED in an informal setting -- on couches, beds, beanbag chairs; while blogging, tweeting, eating, networking ...
  • The TED Gift Bag
  • Online tools for connecting with other attendees, before and after the conference
  • TED Book Club mailings