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Talent search: Event dates

Half of the speakers at TED2013 will be selected through an ambitious experiment: The TED Worldwide Talent Search. Below are the cities where the search is taking place.

The TED Worldwide Talent Search is being held in the 14 cities listed below, on the dates provided. Each city had a separate online application process. Applicants applied to one event only, and they were encouraged to include a short video of themselves. We invited around 30 of the best applicants to give a presentation at each event. Presentation lengths are 3-6 minutes, and the language is English.

Location Applications Open Applications Close Event Date
Doha, Qatar February 8 February 28 April 17
London, U.K. February 13 March 4 April 22
Johannesburg, South Africa February 24 March 15 May 3
Nairobi, Kenya February 26 March 17 May 5
Tunis, Tunisia February 29 March 20 May 8
Shanghai, China March 9 March 29 May 17
Bangalore, India March 12 April 8 May 20
Seoul, South Korea March 15 April 7 May 23
Sydney, Australia March 19 April 8 May 27
Tokyo, Japan March 21 April 22 May 29
Vancouver, Canada March 23 April 19 May 31
New York, United States March 30 April 19 June 7
São Paulo, Brazil April 5 May 2 June 12
Amsterdam, Netherlands April 12 May 2 June 20

For more information, see the FAQ.

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