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Program TED University and TEDYou

At TED University and TEDYou, members of the TED audience take the stage -- because TED attendees are often just as extraordinary as the speakers.

It is commonly said that the TED attendees are every bit as remarkable as the speakers appearing on stage. It happens to be true. That's why at every conference we invite attendees to consider whether they have something to contribute to the program -- as a short talk, a demo or a performance. After selecting among the many submissions, we bring a number of them to the stage.

At TED and TEDGlobal, this takes the shape of TED University (TED U). At TEDActive, it's called TEDYou. These are pre-conference sessions that take place in front of the whole audience and are composed exclusively of talks and performances submitted by regular conference attendees. Talks range in length from 2 to 9 minutes. The rules of the game are the same as for the main stage (no product pitches, no self-promotion, etc) and the selected speakers are encouraged to prepare with the same engagement -- and they do.

Download the TED U program: TED U at TED2012 (PDF)

Download the TEDYou program: TEDYou at TEDActive 2012 (PDF)