The TEDActive Projects harness the energy, optimism and talent of our community to create innovative answers to big questions. These informal brainstorms combine an incredible diversity of cultures, backgrounds and perspectives to discover new ideas.

The concept

TEDActive Projects rally our community around six intriguing questions, capturing the enthusiasm and energy of our attendees. With six remarkable topics -- from urbanization and energy to color and design – everyone can participate.

The Projects spark new ideas through conversation and collaboration. We're capturing the story of an idea and understanding how it grows. Everybody can be part of all six projects at community-wide events. Join all the Projects, just a few, or follow one from start to finish.

The process

Social media discussions get brainstorms started before the conference. On-site, attendees have four unique opportunities to participate -- pre-conference experiences, picnic lunch discussions, interactive dinner parties and a final toast in the Showlounge. If a question sparks your curiosity, jump in!

Every Project is supported by a team of  rockstar experts in nurturing and spreading ideas – a facilitator, a storyteller and an amplifier. Facilitators come from IDEO, and they know how to spark and maintain intensely creative conversation. Our storytellers are natural dreamcatchers who will capture all your ideas in blogs, video, photos and more. Amplifiers are social media gurus who take the most incredible ideas and share them with the world.