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How do you measure the impact of good?

To bring dreams to reality, it helps to have an honest, accurate assessment of what will and what won’t work. The Robin Hood Foundation has spent decades supporting the most effective solutions to poverty in New York City. To find the most effective programs, they have developed a system of metrics that determines how to invest every dollar for maximum impact. For the first time, they will share their methodology with the TEDActive community to beta-test the incredible possibilities for application. How will you use one of the most trusted systems of metrics in philanthropy?


The Journey So Far


New York University Update!

Hello World. Straight out of Greenwich Village, I’m Alexandra Cardinale, telling the tales of all the daily highlights I see while running around TEDActive in Palm Springs, CA. As an NYU student, my intention at this conference is to bring a sense of community from the NYU campus to TEDActive through activating the various social networking platforms…
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Ohio State University Update!

Here is what we have been up to at Ohio State… #activelocal At “Taste of OSU” a diverse cultural dining and traditions experience, we interviewed student attendees, participants, and the head organizer of the event. Each shared their experience and how they came to discover “Taste of OSU,” which had 4,000 attendees this year. Also,…
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UCLA Anderson Project Update!

Danny Greene here, writing to you from the TED Active conference in Palm Springs, California. I am a second year MBA student at the UCLAAnderson School of Management, and excited to share the amazing activities taking place this week at UCLA Anderson. For the past few months, we have been preparing for this very special TED week with a…
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Thought starters to help you measure impact

There are lots of organizations helping out in your community in various ways. How do you know which ones are having the most impact? How much would have happened even without the group’s involvement? Devise your own method for measuring. Is it how many people are involved? How many people benefit? How broad a message…
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Good Intentions. Great Results.

As is true in most endeavors, meaning well doesn’t always mean that you will have the kind of immediate impact you’d like. Like a great business plan that just doesn’t take in the market, often well-meaning organizations fail to deliver on their ultimate promise. What if there were some easy to use markers that you could use to fine…
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2013 TEDActive Impact Project

  Welcome to the 2013 TEDActive Impact Project! It’s an exciting year for TEDActive Projects with lots of new developments. This year, you’ll see the Impact Project come to life in three different places: 1.    The Project team A small group of TEDActive attendees make up the core team who will participate in dedicated Impact brainstorms…
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