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The TEDActive Travel Project will examine customer experience onboard the plane and beyond the terminal. We'll look at the challenges and opportunities, for both individual travelers and the airline industry, and produce a set of recommendations to enhance air travel. Join the conversation »

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Travel Project news from the TEDActive Blog:

03 March 2011

Drifting away from a product-based solution … maybe

03 March 2011

Losing control

03 March 2011

Joe Airline, I’ll be Pimpin’ my ride!

02 March 2011

Updates from the Ground

01 March 2011


17 February 2011

Have Love, Will TRAVEL.

14 February 2011

TEDActive Welcomes PSFK’s PurpleList Experts to the Projects!

07 February 2011

ideas worth doing

01 February 2011

Be A Part of TEDActive Projects!

18 January 2011

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